Early warning signs: catch these common maintenance problems before they blow your budget

Nov 11, 2019 | Body Corporates

It’s that phone call or email that every unit owner or body corporate manager dreads.

Bob at unit 9 has just noticed a “bit of mould” on the bathroom ceiling (who knows how long it’s been there!)

Jen from the body corporate has just drawn your attention to peeling paint on the front of the building … and while she thinks of it, was that rust she saw on the pool gate …

Actually, you shouldn’t fear early warning calls like these. You should welcome them as a chance to get onto minor maintenance issues long before they become major – and expensive – dramas.

Here are 3 common building maintenance issues building managers should jump onto quickly – and the risks (and costs!) of not acting swiftly.

1. Mould: Act Now or Evacuate Later?

That patch of mould on the ensuite wall? It’s a sure sign of a bigger problem and if left unresolved could lead to evacuation and major plaster replacement works.

Early detection of mould is a blessing in disguise. Every home has it but left untreated, mould and mildew will fester.

When you encounter that musty mould smell or visible patches of mildew, don’t wait: get a professional on board to investigate straight away.

The longer you leave it, the higher the cost of bringing on board an expert with the right qualifications, equipment and trained staff to address the issue.

As Brisbane’s body corporate maintenance experts, Core 4’s mantra is “a cent of prevention is worth a dollar of cure”. Have a chat to us about your water leaks and building ventilation and ways to stop moisture building up and creating nasty mould.

Cost of an initial inspection and treatment: $750 – $1,500.

Cost if you delay and need a major plaster replacement, evacuation and clean: $7,500 to $15,000.

2. Green Grass or Plumbing Problem?

Bob from no. 9 might also have praised you for how lush the grounds are looking. But if he’s pointed out an unusually green patch of grass or an area on the lawn that never dries, guess what? This is often an indicator of a plumbing problem.

That green patch might signal a sewer line leak. If you are lucky it may just be an area of poor drainage. Don’t stall on getting your plumbing looked at or you risk cost-blow outs if the damage extends. 

Cost of an initial inspection and fix: $500 – $1,500.

Cost if you delay and need a larger scale works caused by the water damage: estimates can be anywhere between $3,500 – $10,000.

3. Repainting or Resurfacing: You Decide

Peeling, fading or bubbling paint and surface rust on your building exterior are clear clues you are due for a repaint.

Repainting isn’t just about “Botox for buildings”, although aesthetics are important. Smart building owners know it’s vital to keep your building façade looking appealing to attract residents and investors!

The function of exterior paint is actually to protect your property from the elements. Let’s face it, the Queensland climate is pretty brutal. We love our year-round sun, but between that and summer storms …you want your building to need a simple cosmetic “makeover”, not a hardcore facelift!!

Core4 works with unit owners and body corporate managers throughout Brisbane and South East Queensland. We’ve seen the firsthand the devastating impact of the weather on exteriors. 

Having a regular exterior maintenance check and paint job stops you from needing more expensive resurfacing and repair.

If you don’t stay ahead of painting, moisture buildup and environmental damage will lead to mould, rust, and decay no matter what your building is made out of.

Cost of minor repairs as and when you see them: $500 – $2000.

Cost if you delay: don’t ask! Damage can be extensive and unseen.

Our advice at Core4? Don’t delay in addressing these early warning signs of common problems, it’s a sure-fire way to create headaches down the track.

We know you’re busy. That’s why Core4 tackle everyday maintenance, inspection and repairs for body corporate managers, building and unit owners across Brisbane and South East Queensland. Call Core4 now for a friendly chat about all your preventative maintenance needs.

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