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Our property services experts will make sure your properties are safe, compliant and well-maintained.

Integrated facility management services

Do you have trouble knowing who to trust when you need emergency building maintenance? Or struggle to find time to engage and manage new building services contractors? Or are you always running up against compliance deadlines when you need to certify your building’s safety?

Our integrated facility management services are here to help. As your facilities partner, we’ll act in your best interests to make sure you’re getting the best service and price. And we can tailor our services and processes to meet your needs and integrate them with your systems.

From diagnosing your building maintenance issues to delivering emergency repairs. To coordinating your tenders, comparing quotes and managing contracts. And ensuring your site remains compliant and safe for visitors and tenants.

We’ll keep you informed with regular maintenance reports, schedules and budgets. And keep a database of your contractors, so you know they have the insurances and licenses you need.

Our team has extensive experience and expertise across all facility management tasks. And we include licensed builders, waterproofers, concreters, fire safety advisors, safety auditors and pool fence inspectors in our management team.

Whether you need us to manage all your facility services or coordinate a specific part of your property. We’ll be there 24/7, taking responsibility for the smooth running of your sites.

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When you need emergency maintenance, we’ll be there 24/7, with ultra-quick response times. Phone 1300 267 333.

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Our Core4 Convictions are your guarantee of service excellence and exceptional value. Learn more about Core4.

As a Core4 facility management client, you’ll get:

  • A facility manager as your dedicated and solutions-focused
    point of contact.
  • A personalised job logging portal.
  • Annual certificates of compliance for your insurer, landlord
    and to meet statutory regulations
  • Regular communication and activity reports, so you know
    what’s happening.
  • 24/7 on-call availability and ultra-quick response times.
  • Outcome-based service excellence and value-driven pricing.

Across Australia and
New Zealand

Our expert facility management team look after property services for commercial sites across Australia and New Zealand.

Our facility management services include

Property maintenance

From 24/7 emergency maintenance to planned and preventative programs, we’ll be there to ensure the safety and compliance of your site.

Our expert staff and networks of subcontractors give your site access to highly skilled trades at fantastic rates.

We’ll take responsibility for managing your property maintenance. And look to find ways to increase your site’s efficiency, reduce operating costs and prolong the life of your building assets.


Tendering and essential service management

Property managers have busy jobs. And can rarely find the time to run a comprehensive tender process for your essential services contracts.

Our facility management systems will help you manage your tenders and contracts, ensuring quality services, value pricing and safety compliance.

We’ll take responsibility for your contract management needs. So your property managers can focus on what matters to your tenants and site visitors.

Project management

Managing building works or renovations takes time and specific skills that you might not have in-house. And dealing with endless hassles takes you away from your day-to-day responsibilities.

As your project managers, we’ll take the hassle out. We act in your best interests with transparency and joint decision making to ensure your project delivers on your needs.

And you’ll get access to the best service providers from our prequalified panel of subcontractors, giving you discounted rates and premium service.


Budget management

When you have a large property portfolio, the last thing you need is for assets to fail or to need expensive unplanned works.

With expert budget management, we can minimise your risk of nasty surprises. And forecast repairs and maintenance, so you can avoid unexpected cost blowouts.

We base our budget management advice on the specific location and use of your property. So we can build a realistic picture of the major repair or replacement costs you can expect over the next 15 years.

With expert budget planning, we’ll help you streamline your expenses. And give you the confidence to make informed decisions about the future performance of your building assets.

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Our facility management services work


Facility management | Australia and New Zealand-wide

When Specsavers needed a few minor maintenance jobs, they called us. And after seeing how we work, they knew they’d found a reliable partner to take on facility management for all their stores.

Since then, we’ve delivered high-quality property maintenance services for more than 400 Specsavers stores across Australia and New Zealand.

By leaving their property services to us, they’ve reduced their maintenance costs. And freed up time to allow their team to focus on growing their retail network.

Kelvin Grove Urban Village

Estate facility management | Brisbane

As estate managers of Brisbane’s Kelvin Grove Urban Village, we managed their ongoing maintenance needs.

The expansive site includes more than 1000 residential units, 40 retail outlets and 200 commercial lots. Plus a bustling campus of Queensland University of Technology (QUT),

During the development of this new site, we were advisors to key stakeholders. This included the Queensland Government, QUT and Brisbane City Council.

With a proactive approach, we delivered reliable facility management services across the site’s common areas. Ensuring the village was well-presented and safe for all visitors.


Retail maintenance partners | Australia and New Zealand-wide

As a global luxury brand, Lululemon wanted a retail maintenance specialist they could trust.

As a first step, we conducted comprehensive audits of their stores across Australia and New Zealand. Allowing us to address any high-priority needs quickly.

Then, we established a proactive maintenance schedule, including a 24/7 on-call service and periodic cleaning.

As Lululemon’s retail partners, we make sure their luxury stores are always ready to impress.

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