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We’ll make sure your commercial site, retail space or hospitality venue is safe, compliant and suits your design and functional needs.

Expert advice, design, audits and building services consulting

Sometimes you have a building issue that you don’t know how to resolve. Or maybe it’s a design problem that other building companies haven’t been able to solve. And sometimes, you need expert advice to make safety and compliance recommendations you can trust.

So it’s good to know you can call on us for expert building services consulting.

We offer professional design, safety audits, reporting and building consultancy services. With all advice tailored to your building and your needs.

Our approach is value-driven. So we focus on coming up with an achievable solution and not creating an open-ended consultancy engagement with no end.

Our expert consultancy services will make sure your site is safe, compliant and perfectly suited to your business needs.

We’ve been fixing building problems for more than 15 years. And we’ve built a reputation for delivering quality work, value-driven pricing, and being able to fix those problems that others didn’t want to touch.

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About Core4

Our Core4 Convictions are your guarantee

Our Core4 Convictions are your guarantee of service excellence and exceptional value. Learn more about Core4.

As a Core4 consulting services client, you’ll get:

  • An account manager as your dedicated and solutions-
    focused point of contact.
  • Thorough diagnosis of the problem to ensure the most
    appropriate solution.
  • Advice based on the future needs of your building.
  • Expert auditing and reporting.
  • Professional project management and design services.
  • Outcome-based service excellence and value-driven pricing.

Across Australia and
New Zealand

Our expert staff and subcontractors deliver high-quality remedial works across Australia and New Zealand.

Our consulting services include

Dilapidation reports

Our dilapidation reports give you a record of the current condition of a building. They offer invaluable insight if you’re considering a purchase, new lease or about to undertake major works.

The report helps you make an informed decision and gives you a checklist of defects you might need to fix to get your building up to scratch. Or that your builder might need to rectify before the end of your warranty period.

Our dilapidation reports are tailor-made to give you a complete understanding of what your building needs.


Building safety & maintenance reports

Our building safety and maintenance reports will keep you on top of your workplace safety responsibilities.

We’ll detect and prevent hazards before they become a problem. And working proactively, we’ll identify upcoming maintenance issues so you can plan your time and budgets.

Our reports will help you avoid unplanned maintenance and costly accidents or building damage.


Water-related cause & solution reports

Water leaks in commercial properties can cause significant damage and untold costs to building owners and tenants.

With an expert eye, we’ll find the source of your leak using water testing, deconstructive testing and infrared inspections.

Then provide a report outlining the cause of your leak and the repair options available to you. So you’ll have the evidence you need for your insurers and a comprehensive brief for repair quotes.

Fit-out design and approvals

As fit-out designers, we know how to create a stylish and functional space to help you succeed in your business.

Our expert team can design your new outlet and manage your centre management or council approvals and building certifications. So works can start quickly.

With years of experience designing retail stores, restaurants, bars and offices, you can trust us as your full-service shopfitting partner.


Project management

Managing building works or renovations takes time and specific skills that you might not have in-house. And dealing with endless hassles takes you away from your day-to-day responsibilities.

As your project managers, we’ll take the hassle out. We act in your best interests with transparency and joint decision making to ensure your project delivers on your needs.

And you’ll get access to the best service providers from our prequalified panel of subcontractors, giving you discounted rates and premium service.

Ask us for expert building services consulting and compliance advice

Ask us for expert building services consulting and compliance advice

Our building services consulting works

Australian Venue Co. (AVC)

Dilapidation reporting | Australia and New Zealand-wide

As AVC have grown their portfolio from five hospitality venues to more than 200, we’ve been there to provide pre-purchase dilapidation reports on most of their new venues.

Our reports are an integral part of their due diligence study. We give the AVC team valuable insights into the status of potential assets. And what to expect in the ongoing upkeep of any new venue.

As a trusted advisor, we’re proud to have helped our friends at AVC achieve their venue growth goals.


Fall-risk audits | Australia-wide

As you’d expect, Bunnings take safety seriously. That’s why they engaged us to audit 48 of their stores across Australia.

We surveyed stores for any items that posed a fall risk to staff and customers. And came up with a program of remedy and repair to make sure all stores were safe.

Working at height during business hours, we took responsibility to ensure the safety of our staff and all Bunnings crew and customers, both during and after the works.

Based on the findings of our audits, Bunnings have engaged Core4 to conduct safety reporting each year to ensure all their sites are safe and compliant always.

Botanicca 7

Testing and waterproofing | Melbourne

After suffering water leaks on all levels since its construction, we stepped in to fix the severe problem left by the original builders.

Working with consulting engineers, we undertook water testing and deconstruction to find the cause of the leaks.

And once we knew what was going on, we planned the best way to execute this major remediation project.

Our crews worked around the clock to strip and re-waterproof more than 1700m2 of horizontal surfaces to fix the problem. Even during some of the heaviest rainfall in 50 years.

Given the nature of the problem, we also delivered reports and expert witnesses for their court proceedings.

After such a frustrating experience, we were happy to leave our client with a watertight building. And a watertight warranty.

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