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We’ll diagnose and fix your concrete cracking and waterproofing problems to rejuvenate your building and give it a longer life.

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With water damage on the top of many building defects lists, we know that pit-in-the-stomach feeling property owners get when they see cracks, dark stains or mould.

As remedial works specialists, we’ve seen too many problems caused by substandard builders’ lack of care or knowledge. Or how historically lax licensing laws have led to cracking or water damage caused by poor waterproofing works. And how Australia’s extreme temperature swings and salty ocean sprays can create untold damage in our buildings.

But these problems can go unseen for years. That’s why we take an investigative approach to remedial works. To make sure we fully understand the cause of your problem.

Then, we use our concrete repair and waterproofing expertise to deliver long-lasting repairs at an affordable price. And with a warranty guarantee to match.

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As a Core4 remedial works client, you’ll get:

  • A project manager as your dedicated and solutions-focused point of contact.
  • Future planning and budgeting to extend the life of your building.
  • Approvals coordination with centre management, engineers, certifiers, manufacturers, landlords or council representatives.
  • Regular communication and activity reports, so you know what’s happening.
  • Outcome-based service excellence and value-driven pricing.

Across Australia and
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Our expert staff and subcontractors deliver high-quality remedial works across Australia and New Zealand.

Our remedial building works include


We’re waterproofing specialists who’ll find the source of your leak and repair the damage it’s caused. From cracks to mould and everything in between.

Water leaks are a leading cause of building damage, so it’s essential to get in quick before the damage gets worse.

As licensed waterproofers, we have extensive experience in identifying breaches of waterproof membranes and coatings. And we’ll solve the problem with warranty-backed repairs.


Concrete joint repairs

Concrete joints are an essential feature to reduce the impact of movement and stress on your building slab.

But they can be a weak spot as the flexible sealant filling the joint begins to wear. This can allow water to penetrate your slab leading to moisture damage and mould growth.

Needing to replace your joint sealant every four or five years is common. And something our experts can do for you without interrupting your everyday operations.

Concrete replacement

If your concrete damage is extensive, it can be cheaper and more effective to replace rather than repair. Especially when it comes to older slabs which can suffer from poor installation practices.

Our concrete replacement process is designed to give you a new slab, floor, wall or driveway without digging a hole in your bottom line.

And we’re used to working in occupied buildings. So we can usually replace your concrete with minimal interruptions to building access.

Concrete spalling repair

Concrete spalling, also known as concrete cancer, is common in most concrete-based buildings.

It happens when moisture gets to the reinforcing steel inside concrete. And it’s often caused by cracks or poor waterproofing.

Though many think concrete cancer is a fatal problem, our specialist technicians can usually treat it effectively. We’ll repair your eroded concrete and fix the source, so it doesn’t happen again.


Concrete crack repair

While minor concrete cracking is usually not a problem, untreated cracks can lead to water damage you might not see.

Our specialist concrete technicians use many repair techniques to treat and fix the specific issue for your building.

However we fix it, our experience means we’ll deliver the right solution for your type of concrete crack. So you don’t waste any money on the wrong kind of repairs.

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Our remedial building works

Botanicca 7

Testing and waterproofing | Melbourne

After suffering water leaks on all levels since its construction, we stepped in to fix the severe problem left by the original builders.

Working with consulting engineers, we undertook water testing and deconstruction to find the cause of the leaks.

And once we knew what was going on, we planned the best way to execute this major remediation project.

Our crews worked around the clock to strip and re-waterproof more than 1700m2 of horizontal surfaces to fix the problem. Even during some of the heaviest rainfall in 50 years.

Given the nature of the problem, we also delivered reports and expert witnesses for their court proceedings.

After such a frustrating experience, we were happy to leave our client with a watertight building. And a watertight warranty.

Blackwoods Distribution Centre

Joint repairs | Mackay

When the owners realised their warehouse floor and external hardstand parking needed maintenance, they called us.

With deteriorating concrete joints, there was a lot of repair work to do. But we couldn’t interrupt the normal operations of the business.

Taking a solutions-focused approach, we scheduled all works for night shifts. And kept the site spotless with dust extraction and cleaning equipment to ensure we didn’t contaminate any stock.

We passed the pre-morning start inspection every day. And our happy client has engaged us to keep up the maintenance of their concrete surfaces into the future.

Wyndham City Council

Stadium leak repairs | Melbourne

When the council’s new stadium roof sprung widespread leaks, they knew it could take a long time to resolve with the original builder.
With the roof covering a 14,000m2 stadium with basketball courts and other facilities, they needed an interim fix.

We diagnosed the problem through testing and trials and provided a temporary solution to fix more than 50 roof leaks.

This meant the basketball and netball games could continue without fear of players slipping on a wet court.

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