The Walrus Club

Venue design and fit-out | Brisbane


Located in the basement of Brisbane’s Regatta Hotel this venue was inundated by flood water in February ’22 floods.  As the water subsided Core4 were ready to pump out the water and empty the entire venue. Unfortunately for the hotel, above this, included a lot of infrastructure, including a large keg room.  Once again, the race was on to redesign the venue and fill it with thirsty cocktail lovers.

The design, completed in conjunction with our client, was well underway as flood waters were still falling. The works were coordinated so that the site was never empty. As the final demolition crews exited one door, the construction crews were coming in the other to rebuild this basement beauty. Rebuilding the keg room to house 100 on-tap beers for the hotel was the priority, and focus quickly moved to the reopening of the Walrus Club.

All the banquet seating and bar joinery were built by our in-house Core4 teams using antique hardwoods and high-end leathers. Despite the initial muddy feet, this was a project that the entire Core4 team enjoyed being an integral part of. The end result is a beautiful, bustling, basement Rum bar enjoyed by Brisbane’s fine ladies and dapper gents.

The Walrus Club
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